Before you book one of tours, please have a look at our booking conditions here below, to have a clear picture of the terms of booking with KIAfrika Adventure . Please  note that the booking conditions may change time to time and may vary from one tour to another depending  on the the terms that are set by partner services  providers and accommodation  properties as well as the government  regulations.


To book a trip, contact  us with your desired activities and destinations,  we will work with you to create the ideal itineray and accommodation  to fit within your budget, along with this, we may also offer some other activities  that fit your interest.

Kiafrika Adventure  recognise that most people  do not get many opportunities  for such a trip. Therefore we put all  our efforts  into making this a safe and memorable  journey for you. For that reason, you might find that we are not the lowest  price tour operator that can be found. However,  be aware  that are always details  that some operators  will be willing  to omit in order  to offer a lower price.

We pride ourselves  on offering the highest  value  trip possible and satisfaction and make happiness for our customers.


Booking will be considered confirmed  upon receiving from the clients the deposit  of 30% of the total travel cost (through  bank or services such as western union). Balance  payments can be made on Arrival at your  hotel.


In case you may need to cancel  trip please  notify us by email as your earliest  convenience.  Any cancellation  shall br effective on the  date that  we received your  cancellation request.

We recommend  trip insurance  for all travellers to minimize loss in cases of cancellation.

Postponements  made by clients after a deposit  has been  made will result  in the deposit  being applied  to the new itineray.  Lodge and permanent  tented  camps may have stricter  loss of deposit policies that  will force us to deduct any amount retained by the lodges.

Cancellation of a holiday must be done in writing and is  effective from the date  we receive the written notification. Reservations that are cancelled,  reduced in length if stay or reduced  in numbers of participants are subject to cancellation  charges.

The charges are expressed in percentage of quoted prices as follow

  • When we have a signed booking form and  the reservation  is cancelled (even without  a deposit received)  KIAfrika  Adventure  shall have the right to claim  any damages  suffered  by the company due to this cancellation
  • Where your booking is for  a package,  you will be responsible  for all cancellation charges,  of whatsoever nature, imposed by the suppliers providing  the components  parts of such travel arrangements.
  • KIAfrika Adventure charges a cancellation  fee equal  to 30% of the package price  on any finalised booking.  However,  KIAfrika Adventure  reserves the right to charge a cancellation  fee of up to

80% of the total package,  in its sole discretion,  in particular  circumstances,  any money,  which you have already paid  to KIAfrika Adventure,  will be taken by us as payment or part payment of any cancellation charges.


Children under the age 12 sharing  a room with two adults generally pay 50% – 70% of the rate quoted except  on air, rail, safaris,  adventure  programmes or balloons safaris.  Children  under 7 are not permitted in any tree hotels and most tented camps. Some wildlife  lodges and tented camps accomodate a maximum of 2 persons.  Other restrictions  may apply from time to time. Children rates are available on request.


are strongly  advised to take out adequate  insurance

again all risks for an adequate  sum. The company does  not undertake  to provide medical  care (except to call in the flying  doctors transfers  services  in Tanzania and  Kenya)and the company  does not accept  liability  for any inadequate care provided.


KIAfrika  Adventure acts as agents for hotels, transportation services and facilities provided by other parties,  firms or corporations  and cannot  be held responsible for delays, lose, damages,  injury or accident, change of itineraries which may occur through  the negligence of any individual or company entrusted with such service.


Baggage  is restricted  to 15kg per person  on the domestic flights within  East Africa.  Soft sided luggage or duffel  are preferable  to hard luggage  for storage on safaris  vehicles and on aircraft  used within  Africa large suitcase of dimensions  greater  than 24″×17″×7″ are impossible to store in vehicles  and on aircraft  and should  not be used (Baggage  and personal  effects are at owners  risk throughout  the tour and Baggage Insurance  for mem is strongly  recommended).


All nationals will require  visas for Tanzania.  We recommend  that  where possible  your clients attain their visas in advance,  although  they are available upon arrival in Tanzania.


The climate is hot and sometimes humid. From December  to March, when the northeast  monsoon blows, it is hot and humid. In April  and May heavy rains occur with June to October  being the coolest and driest period. The lesser rainsfall in November. Temperatures between  25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius and annual rainfall is about  20mm.


It is a privilege  to see animals  in their  natural habitat and as such, we cannot  guarantee  wildlife or game viewing,  You must take caution  when viewing  the animals,  keep a minimum  distance and carefully follow the instructions given  by either the tour guide or wildlife ranges.


Driver / Guides will only stop at the shop/ curio stall, which are recommended  by  KIAfrika  Adventure . We provide escort at no extra  cost to accompany quest on shopping  trips so as to help with recommendation and save.


Any complaints  must be reported  immediately  to the KIAfrika adventure  guides or (Head office) and to the supplier of the service,  who will their best to resolve the matters.  If the problem  is not solved to your satisfaction,  the complaint should be reported  in writing and not later the 30 days after completion  of the tour. Liability  for complaints  not notified  accordance with the above described  procedure cannot be accepted.


The Company’s  contract  will be governed by and constructed  in accordance  with the law of Tanzania. Accordingly each party irrevocably submits  to the jurisdiction of the Tanzania counts to settle  any disputes or matter arising  under this contract.

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