Dear Travellers

Tanzania is one of the safer and more civilized countries of Africa. There are 195 countries in the world, and apparently there are some people who have visited all those countries. However, did they have time during their travels to patiently look for the vulture in the tropical forests of MT.KILIMANJARO? Or did they take 6 – 15
days to reach on foot the only path to UHURU PEAK? And did they at least witness the epic adventure of animals in migration through SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK? All of this can be done in Tanzania!

Tanzania is one of the safer and more civilized countries of Africa. It is an African version of socialist living, the results of which can still be seen in the fascinating structures of its rural communities and the living standards of the average Tanzanian which have not risen in real time. All of this makes tourism an essential component of the economy and the success of its people. Eco-tourism is one of the top tourist drivers. Tanzania
stands out for its diverse landscapes and the most fantastic wildlife. Some people have seen the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, rhino and Cape buffalo) within the first hour of a game drive! Safaris, national parks and forests show off the countless species of Flora and Fauna found throughout the country.
Tourists can also experience true tribal life within the community national parks where the rich culture and natural lifestyles of Tanzania’s native peoples is displayed via tours and hikes through deserts, mountains rainforests, beaches, etc…

Tanzania is a country rich in culture, and it gives home to a number of different tribes, religions and approximately 120 different ethnic groups. The people of Tanzania are by far it’s biggest asset, and our sense of hospitality is unique. The Tourist Board once had an ad campaign called “UNFORGETTABLE TANZANIA,” and it was about the people, whom are first and foremost on the list of things to experience— not our beaches, nor our wildlife. The natural hospitality that is part and parcel of our Tanzanian culture keeps guests
coming back.

The climate is mostly tropical, so tourists can experience sunshine all year round. However the temperature may differ throughout the regions of the country. For example, it may be warm & humid at the coast, cool & humid at the central highlands, and hot & dry in the North and East. Rain, on the other hand, is seasonal for the entire country and the heaviest amount occurs during the months of April to June.

So if you want to relax, get to know nature, experience local traditions and the everyday life of people, conquer mountain peaks, wander along the ocean shore and enjoy traveling with a group of people who share a mutual curiosity of the world, then welcome! Come with join us in Tanzania!