WOMEN TRAVEL  is an ideal way for you to travel comfortably and independently ( ADVENTURE FRIENDS FUN TRAVEL ). To visit all the amazing destinations you have dreamed of without ever having to worry about travelling alone.

Our company we help women accomplish their travel goals, through thoughtful and well planned vacation packages. Whether you want to join one of our interested in a travel group for senior women or would like to embark on a journey with a bunch of your friends will make sure you have a good time on a trip tailored to your interests!

Group travel for women offers many benefits, including money saving through group deals and discounts, the safety of travelling in a group, experiencing new sites with others who share your interests and the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

Pleasure travel to women; we make planning your vacation a breeze! By taking time to get to know you, your interests and your travel goals, our expert travel agents will help you choose from a plethora of pre planned excursions or customize a trip just for you ! With destinations specialists who live and work in many regional’s throughout the Tanzania, we provide you with insider information you can trust.

Some of the vacation we can help you plan include: Family travel, honeymoon trip and more. In addition to providing you with trustworthy advice and Information, and our rates lower than anything you will find online.

 “We make it easy to take it easy”